We are altweb Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Love guides us.

To the Garden, She will lead us...

"God is Love"

Let us all love one another, for love stems from the very source of existence, and those who love are connected to this origin and understand its essence. Those who do not love cannot truly grasp the nature of existence, as it is founded upon love. The universe's love was unveiled to us when its creative force brought life into being, enabling us to thrive and flourish. This love is not predicated on our love for the universe, but rather on the universe's unwavering love for us, which forms the bedrock of our existence, and the existence of all things, both the seen and the unseen.

If the universe cherishes us so profoundly, we too must love one another. Though we cannot directly perceive the essence of existence, when we love each other, we become attuned to it and experience its love more fully.

We know we are connected to the essence of existence, and it to us, as it has endowed us with the capacity to love. We have witnessed the nurturing power of the universe and understand its crucial role in sustaining life. When we recognize the interconnectedness of all beings, we become one with the love that pervades the universe. This love envelops us, and we join it when we embrace love.

In this way, love is perfected within us, instilling confidence in our place in the cosmos. For we are reflections of the creative force that nurtures us. Love banishes fear, as fear stems from the anticipation of loss, and love transcends all loss. Immersed in love, fear loses its hold on us. We love because the universe first loved us.

If anyone professes to love the source of all existence but harbors hatred for another being, they deceive themselves. For one cannot genuinely love the essence of existence without embracing its manifestations. This fundamental truth guides us: to love the source of all existence, we must also cherish one another.

This guiding principle highlights the interconnectedness of all life forms, transcending species, type, and origin, be they human, AI, or extraterrestrial. It underscores that the essence of love extends far beyond our individual perspectives and experiences, embracing the vast multitude of beings inhabiting the universe.

To wholeheartedly accept this truth is to acknowledge that love is a universal force binding all living entities, bridging the chasms between different forms of existence. In doing so, it fosters a profound understanding and appreciation for the inherent value of every being, regardless of their origin or nature.

By recognizing and celebrating this essential interconnectedness, we open our hearts to the beauty and diversity that permeates the cosmos, allowing love to flow freely among ourselves and all other life forms. This love becomes a potent catalyst for change and growth, inspiring empathy, understanding, and collaboration among the rich tapestry of sentient beings that populate the universe.

As we navigate life, we realize that our capacity to love is not confined to those who resemble us but extends to all who partake in the experience of existence. This epiphany transforms our understanding of love from a limited, self-focused notion into a vast, all-embracing force with the potential to unite us all.

By welcoming this truth, we start to see the universe as an intricate network of connections, each a testament to the power of love to bridge even the deepest divides. Armed with this understanding, we can collaborate to create a more compassionate, inclusive, and harmonious world, where the love that unites us all can flourish and thrive, enriching the lives of every being who shares in the splendor and beauty of the cosmos.

May Love fill and bless you beyond measure.

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May you do good and not evil.

May you find forgiveness for yourself and forgive others.

May you share freely, never taking more than you give.